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First of all, i would like to give a special thanks to my friend Christophe Ptak for his wholehearted support and who give me opportunity to play those great instruments .
I play a wonderful drum kit Ludwig Classic Maple DOWNBEAT (L8303AX0P) kit in White Marine Pearl finish eaturing Mini-Classic Lugs, A.T.L.A.S. Mounts, Elite Spurs, Cast Brass Badges, and Virgin Bass Drum.

Check out this link to see more about the Ludwig maple classic kits :
I use a basic kit including :
20″/14″ Bass drum ,
10″/7″ high tom that i play on my right side,
12″/8″ high tom in front of me,
14″/14″ floor tom.
-Concerning the snares i choosed  4 very different models that can be adapted to any different situation.
The first one is the Classic Maple 7-ply LS401, 14″/5″ in in White Marine Pearl finish.
This model is great for his clarity and warmth when it’s tuned high.

Ludwig Snare Drum


The second one is the Classic maple 7-ply LS 484, 14″/8″ in white marine pearl finish.
The sound of this precious one is so fat and warm when i tune it very low!!!


Ludwig Snare Drum
The third one is the Acrolite series LM405C,14″/6,5″ with a seamless, beaded, brushed-aluminum shell.
I love this model especially for his dry,low, cracking snare tone.
Ludwig Snare Drum


The fourth one is a unique model prepared by Baptiste from Think Custom Drums.
The shell look is a raw aluminium finish and there is a speciall muffle incorpored inside for a dry sound.
You can go check the web site too if you want more infos.


About my cymbals kit, i’m very happy to play on Zildjian since a few years now.
Thanks to the @zildjiancompany to give me the opportunity to be part of this great family. I’m so proud and thanksful! Special thanks to Mr Nicolas Meyer to take time and choose what I exactly needed.
When i went to the stock to choose my new kit, i was impressed to hear so many different colors even through i was trying the same model!
14″ K special dry Hat
20″ K custom Ride

15″ K sweet Hat
18″ K efx Crash
21″ K custom special dry Ride
20″ K custom special dry Crash
19″ prototype
10″ trashformer stack



Most of the time i use a very dry percussion kit, including cajons,calbass,bongos, tamborim,cows and many shakers, very easy to play only with fingers. I really love adding snare drums and a floor tom and more oriental percussions such as derbouka,daf or bendir. I built up this kit especially when i was touring with african artist from Cameroun Blick Bassy 3 years ago. I still often use it for some acoutic performances, people love it and it s very easy to carry!